The Lugo Restaurant invites you to step into the culinary universe inspired by Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.
We are waiting for you to discover the effervescent atmosphere in the center of Bucharest in an unforgettable gastronomic adventure! High quality entertainment: live music events or DJ themed parties.


Seat capacity: 80 indoor, 100 seats on the terrace. Lugo restaurant is ideal for events: wedding, baptism, corporate events.

Mediterranean cuisine

Lugo Mediterranean Restaurant focuses on healthy diet. Mediterranean cuisine is focused on simple cooking, with a strong emphasis on fruits and vegetables, nuts, cereals, seeds and olive oil.
Spices and herbs are added to bring strong flavors, which limits the amount of salt, sugar and fat.
Fish and seafood are the main source of animal protein in the Mediterranean diet!
An important component for Mediterranean cuisine is to dine with family and friends as a way to spend free time. Meals can last for several hours, during which time the food is enjoyed.

Mediterranean food usually includes a moderate consumption of red wine. In Lugo you can find a variety of wines from various vineyards, suitable for any type of dish you can find on the menu.

restaurant mediteranean


Asian cuisine is based on cultural customs from each country, different ingredients, unusual combinations of tastes and dizzying aromas. The attractiveness of Asian cuisine results from the fact that it has its “source” on the tables of the great dynasties.

Asian cuisine is based on instinct, not on precise recipes in measuring and using ingredients. It leaves free rein to creativity, that’s why all the dishes become unique and very personal.

The principle of Asian cuisine is to balance the 5 main tastes: salty, bitter, sweet, sour and hot.
Asian food balances the 5 tastes, envelops them in flavor and color and presents them in an extraordinary way.

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